EME FUN software

EME FUN software is basically my EME (Moonbounce) station manager which sets up  the radios on my shack, tracks satellites/Moon/Sun, communicates with SPID controller , compensates Doppler shift (Home,DX), reads MAP65/WSJTX files, etc

The project started just for FUN  -you know -to learn something new, get familiar with C#  etc.

To install the software, please go to the installation page and follow the instructions.

Click on the picture below to see a large screen shot

Below is a detailed list what EME FUN software can do:

1) Satellite Tracking : Displays satellite position (azimuth,elevation) including Moon and Sun. For the Sun and the satellites this is done using David Taylor’s DJTSatLib.dll. Especially for the Moon , after porting  Joe Taylor’s (K1JT) Fortran code to C#,  exactly the same math is used as  , as  in  MAP65 / WSJT. As a result, the calculated Moon position and Doppler shift matches MAP65 and WSJT .

2) Controls RX,TX VFOs of the following radios : FT817,FT857,TS2000

3) Calculates doppler shift for both stations, Home and DX.  With a simple click RX and TX VFO are programmed. For example , DX station announces TX frequency, if the DX Locator is known with a simple click RX VFO will be setup. On the other hand, assuming DX station listen at his echo, with one click Home TX frequency is set-up to land on DX’s echo

4) Can continuously compensate RX and TX doppler shift. The idea is to ease satellite bounce QSOs, for example. TX compensation only works for the TS2000.

5) Works with the RAS, BIG RAS SPID including the HR version

6) Reads WSJT and MAP65 decode files, extracts frequency and locator of the station calling and with one click programs RX /TX VFO.

7) Calculates Common Bounce Window for 2 different locators displaying  information such as common  pass duration ,time etc.This is useful when planning a Moonbounce or Satellite-bounce QSO with a given station

8) Connects to G3RUH’s GPS-locked 10 MHz  reference and continuously monitors its status by reading the NMEA serial output : 10 MHz output valid, 2D/3D fix ,PDOP etc. .For example, if for some reason GPS signal is lost an indication turns red. GPS location and time are reported.

9) Since I use the ICOM PCR1000 receiver to monitor my transmission, once a new TX frequency is sent to the radio (FT817,857 or TS2000) the PCR1000 is also programmed . During my transmission I can hear what is sent out and if everything looks good.

10) Using the sound card, can measure SUN and cold sky noise power. This measurement can also be done automatically (beta phase). SKY noise can also be measured automatically in adjustable scan steps for azimuth and elevation.Results are written to a file. (This feature needs a bit more testing  and optimization)

As a hobby project it’s constantly under construction 🙂
To install the software, please go to the installation page and follow the instructions.
It will work, even with no radio or controller connected .
It has been tested on  Windows Vista , XP ,Windows 7 , 8 ,10 and runs as a 32 bit application.
To connect to the radios FT8x7 or TS2000 a suitable CAT interface/serial cable is required. A serial connection is also needed to connect the PC and the SPID or EME FUN antenna controller.

73 de SV1CAL

Michael Margaras

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