The good think about the AIRSPY R2 is that it comes with a 10 MHz external reference input. So once a 10 MHz GPS clock is connected , the radio is always spot on.

This allows for accurate wideband monitoring during EME activity sessions.

As the AIRSPY R2 streams at 2.5 MSPS this rate must be converted to 96 KSPS . This can easily be done in GNU-RADIO and the rational resampler block.

I mostly use Windows so I have GNU Radio v3.8.2 installed on my PC which supports many SDRs including AIRSPY.

The resampler block is connected to an audio sink , a virtual audio device, like this one.

After installation it will appear as a sound device in the “Device Manager” :

Sampling rate is to 96000 Hz :

To avoid issues with sound cards in GNU Radio , on my PC, I have set the virtual audio cable as the default sound device.

Then leaving the audio device blank in the audio sink does the trick and routes the signal to the virtual sound device

Below is the flowgraph. Click on it to make it larger.

You can download the grc file from my Dropbox here :

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