To install EME FUN software:

1) Download the zipped folder 
2) Unzip it to a known location ( preferably to C:\)

On 32 bit systems:

Enter the unzipped folder and double-click on “install djtsatlib.bat”. This is only needed once, when EME FUN is installed for the first time.

If this does not work try the following :

Copy/paste the dll into Windows/System32 folder and register the dll in there.This can be done by first opening a cmd window   (Start/All Programs/Accessories). On W7 cmd must be opened as admin so Right click and Select “Run as Administrator”

In the cmd window that has just opened , change folder to Windows/System32 by typing :

cd C:\Windows\System32

Now type:

 regsvr32 DJTSatlib.dll

On 64 bit systems:

first copy the DJTSatlib.dll to your Windows\SysWOW64 folder and register the dll being in that folder . This can be done by first opening a cmd window as Administrator (Start/All Programs/Accessories and then Right click and Select “Run as Administrator”) .

Then change folder to Windows/SysWow64 by typing :

cd C:\Windows\sysWOW64

Now type:

 regsvr32 DJTSatlib.dll

Important Note 1:

Windows 7/8/10 users must be administrators to successfully register the dll.

4) Run EME_FUN.exe
5) If this is the first time you run the program, click “NO” to all the following questions.
6) You may wish to enter setup/advanced features (blue button) and edit fields as required.
7) You may also like to edit init.txt  directly as required.
Before you start editing it PLEASE read carefully init_explained.txt.

KNOWN BUGS (version 1.13)

  1. GPS time is about 1 second off.
  2. Automatic SUN/COLD and SKY SCAN is still in beta phase. It works OK but response is slow.

Will fix them when I find some time …

Enjoy and PLEASE report bugs to my email .
Since it is a hobby project I am doing just for FUN and I have a 24/7 family and a full time job,  there will be some – if not many – bugs 🙂

73 de SV1CAL
Michael Margaras

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